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Ubers are the fundament of leveling and increasing your power rank as you progress. though they changed the way you enter unbers they recently added a new menue called the atlas which helps with destinations that include ubers 1-9 and geode topsides 8-10. the ubers help with magic find and rarity drops such as shadows, radiants, and stellars that all drop from ubers 8-10. The Ubers will also helo out with expierence in the game and knowing what materials are needed to craft certain items and also materials that people are looking for to sell pon the market place. The ubers also help with magic find and getting cubits that can only be attained by completeing dungeons and shadow towers. the elemental ubers like the drowned and air ubers help with gems and powering up with gems. The most needed gems are radiant and stellar gems, just like the class gem. Speaking of class gems, the only way to get class gems is to get class gem key fragments(which three fragments are only needed) and craft a class gem key, take it into the uber 8 or 9 shores of the ever dark and complete a coliseum and open the chest in the vault, and one of the three elemental empowered gems will drop with a specific perk and stats that will hopefuly benefit the user or player. Empowered gems can be found in empowered gem boxes. More info will be disclosed in the Power ranks tab down below.

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